Planet Cazmo


Planet Cazmo is a cool place to hang out and make new friends. Its a virtual world set inside an alien solar system who have been inspired by music, hip hop and other earth cultural phenomenon.

Here you can create your own Cazmo (avatar) and customize them with hundreds of different clothing styles, hair styles, eye styles and much more. Always wanted to have green skin? Now you can!


Once you get your Cazmo created there’s a lot to do on Planet Cazmo. You could start just by hanging out in town and making new friends by chatting in real time. Or you can jump right into a quick game of Space Race 5000 to earn some Cazmo Coins. Or go talk to the Mayor to take on his quest!

And if you’re into customization, you can always head over to your Cazmo’s house and start decorating the inside. Choose from a constantly growing inventory of chairs, couches, stereos, tvs, rugs, lamps, and much more!


* Customize your own 3D character, house interior and house exterior

* Explore a virtual world complete with neighborhoods, town centers, and vehicles

* Play a variety of mini-games to raise Cazmo Points to buy more cool stuff in the game

* Chat with other players, make friends

* Trade items with other players

* Play for free, or buy some Cazmo Cash for Exclusive Items. (Memberships coming soon!)

* Browser based for mass audience

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