Rise of Empire

The world we live witnesses the endless wars. Innumerable great civilizations had ever lived here. Rough living conditions and cruel wars caused the world in a big mess. Only a small number of races remain with their distinctive culture. But battles between different civilizations never stop, in stead; they develop into more fierce condition. In order to expand the territory and gain better develop space, many ancient civilizations had fight for centuries.  People all over the world are in extreme misery.


As a magnificent strategy game, there is no download needed. Also playing the game is always free. “Rise of Empire” pictures a world war in medieval period. With its broad world views and different development routes of 10 ancient civilizations, players will build up their own empires among them. Players can expand their territory through continuous exploration and/or robbery. Meanwhile, infrastructure needed for empire’s development can be build on the increasing territory, which is also the major content for an empire.

To join such an epic war and build up your own empire, you just need to simply open a browser (IE is preferred) and move your mouse to make some clicks. There are many other guys all around the world who have the same ambition just like yours. To survive or to die, use your wise!


Game Features

1. Focusing on the territory issue for empires

Rise of Empire is a big web strategic role-playing game. Players start with small villages and try to develop into great empires eventually. Territory is the fundamental and critical issue in the game. Every building needs a certain amount of land to allocate. Also, as an emperor, you need a large amount of land to produce food to feed your increasing army and population. Not only by destroying enemy’s army, players also need to conquer enemy’s territory in order to win the war. Just like the realistic, in Rise of Empire, land is the most important resource for an empire. Empires are mostly fighting for protect or expand their territory. Troops are the tools help an empire to defense from enemies’ invade or conquer enemies’ land. In Rise of Empire, the land territory is divided into 3 different types: Plain, Mountain and Forest. Besides, water territory is another issue players need to consider. Each type of territory will have its specific usage and limit, which will bring players more fun.


2. 5 styles of gaming interfaces and 10 ancient civilizations

The background of Rise of Empire is mainly based on AD 1100-1700. Players choose their empires’ nation from 10 great ancient civilizations (European, Asian, African or South American). The different cultural and geographic features will present 5 different styles of game interfaces. Also, each civilization has its own unique advantages and/or disadvantages, in military, economics, technology and etc. Therefore, how to properly use the civilization’s features to better develop the empire becomes a very interesting and skillful topic. Moreover, wisely choose your alliances based on their civilizations and making different kinds of combination will give players more surprises.


3. Brand new battle mode with both sea and land

In Rise of Empire, sea battle and land battle are two major types of fights. Based on different civilizations, the realistic history will give players many hints about such information. Obviously, the civilization with stronger navy in history will have more advantages in sea battles, while nations had famous cavalry in history will perform better in land battles. However, in every specific battle, there are more than 20 detailed strategies and/or tactics players can choose from. To become a great emperor, not only being smart, you also need to be creative.

4. Legendary weapons, imperial set equipments and ultimate warriors

From the history, we all know that to become a great empire, keep producing more weapons and recruiting more soldiers is not the only solution. With the technology innovation, especially after powder weapons started being used in wars; more troops don’t necessarily mean stronger military force. Technology is another very important issue. In Rise of Empire, there are a number of mystic and legendary weapons available, and some rare imperial set suits, too. Powder weapons are being used by some civilizations (such as Turkey) in battles. However, if you are lucky enough to have a set of rare imperial set equipments, you would be the nightmare for your enemies. Most of the weapons and equipments in Rise of Empire can be upgraded, even for your troops. During the late imperial period, when the technology had been highly advanced, each civilization would have its own unique ultimate warriors. These types of troops have special skills with specific advantages and/or disadvantages as well.

5. Simple and clear rookie’s task system leads you start building your own empire step by step

In order to easily and quickly lead new players to start the game, Rise of Empire has a very rookies-friendly task system. Even this is the first web MMO RPG game you play; you still would easily know how to play the game by simply following the rookie’s task system. When you had finished a set of rookie’s tasks, you will be awarded with some of the resources that you need for your empire. Also, you will clearly know how to play this web strategic game and join the epic war with people all around the world. Besides, there is also a completed and comprehensive game strategic guide available on the game website.

6. The newest and best Hero system

Hero system is a unique content of Rise of Empire. Generally, there are 4 levels of heroes, which determine how many troops they can lead, how you should properly use them, and how strong they could be eventually. Higher class heroes have their own special skills. Hero is the major issue in battles. Hero’s special character, capability and skills could mostly determine the result of a battle. Also, there are many mystic weapons and rare equipments could be equipped on your heroes, which would greatly affect their ability and performance. Moreover, there are some secret national heroes waiting for you to discover. Properly equip and use your heroes, they will help you a lot in building up your own empire.

7. Alliance system requires real team-work and wise combinations

In Rise of Empire, a world full of loyalty, betray, battles and alliances, your friends could be your biggest enemy tomorrow. There is no rule. The only purpose is for survive and develop. Based on the special civilization setting, how you combine different civilizations into an alliance would make a huge difference. You need to consider their special features, and try to come up with a more effective and efficient solution. Wisely choose your friends and build up your alliance, team-work is one of the most critical ways that leads you to become a great emperor.

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