Warrior Legends



Warrior Legends is a free real time strategy(RTS) browser game set in the Middle Ages. You are the lord of a city as you are born in a country and you will play with thousands of real players. You can select your birthplace in three countries—-Gallia, Lllyrium and Germania. In the world of WL online, your mission is to develop your nation and go in for expansion and finally rejuvenate the civilization of the Middle Ages. To complete your mission, you have to gather crop, lumber and iron which can be used to construct infrastructure, explore technology and recruit troops.


A free-to-play browser strategy game.
No download and no installation.
Construct your infrastructure and devise tactics for battles!

The accumulation of resources is the foundation of city development. The three types of resources in Warrior Legends are Iron, Lumber and Crop. They are produced in Iron Mine, Forest and Cropland.

In order to explore more resources, you should construct or upgrade your shelter and factories like steelmaking plant, refinery, and farmland. A depot enables you to store more resources and an institute can make you own a military technology center.
In order to keep up with times, you need to build your Academy and develop some research projects. Excellent technology makes your troops more invincible!

You never fight alone in Warrior Legends! You can join an alliance to fight together against your enemies. Alternatively, if you become strong enough, you can create your own alliance to invite more players to join you. By clicking on Map, you can view players around you. Also, we suggest you establish a good relationship with your neighboring bases.

You can hire Heroes to lead troops to fight. Each time your hero inflicts some damage to enemies, you will gain some Exp Points. Of course, you can allocate these Exp points to some skill attributes like Strength, Politics, Command, and Charm and personalize your strategy.


Statergy in Warrior Legends

Overall, focus on getting your resource production maxed out. It will make everything else go quicker. Supplement your resource production with large quantities of plunder from soft targets.

  • The best offense is a good defense.
  • Revenge is a waste of time.
  • Of course, people who play with multiple accounts can make it impossible for newer players to progress. In the instance of being singled out by someone like this, you should be joining an Alliance and closely guarding your resources by spending them and using a treasury.
  • 20 of the more powerful units can take out hundreds of weaker ones.
  • Don’t bother attacking a city unless you are prepared to haul off A LOT of resources. (Minimum 300,000… which is an abandoned young city) Don’t bother to conquer a city unless you are prepared to keep it.

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