In this guide, I will show you some easy tip to start and build your empire. We are all know that, every new player gets up to 6 days of noob protect, which mean no one can attack you and harm you in any way. And in 6 days you will able to build up your town and defend it yourself. I have test this guide my own on world 2, and at the movement my points is 2600 + and have well army to protect my town.


Day 1st to Day 4th…

In the first day, like every new member you start with the given raw materials that you will able to upgrade your building for few levels. first of all base on the basic set up that i talk in my suggestion: (Sawmill level 1 | Quarry Level 4 | Ore Mine Level 2) and also upgrade your Warehouse as well… when you have set up everything just wait building time run out… keep doing this until day 4th. Do NOT focus on anything else.


Day 4th…

From day one to day four, I believe that most of you get the nice and well stock raw materiel in your warehouse now let start on your military. Today you will start to upgrade your Miller to level 3 which will not take long time to do. also keep upgrade the raw material’s buildings as well (never stop on upgrade these buildings). After you done upgrade your Miller to level 3 and get well stock of material for build the Barracks. then click on build it. After it done you will see your Town Wall, build it as well. Today, try to get your Barrack up to level 4 and your Town Wall up to level 5 (if you cannot, it’s ok too. No need to be rush on this.)

Day 5th to Day 6th…

Ok today I believe you at least get your Barrack up to level 2 or higher. So here is some option you need to make when you try to find out which path you will go…

  • Be a village farmer which mean attack other play around you for raw materials - this is the good and fast way to restock your materials. This path has a high rate of return, but it also carries risk. For the raider, getting troops can never happen too soon.
  • Be a peaceful player, if you pick this road, you need to find a active alliance that can give you the protection (Option), don’t worry they won’t deny you when they see you active and on the way to 2000+ points.

PS. Anyway after you pick go to this two section A. Village Farmer and B. Peaceful Player.

A. Village Farmer: for this patch, you will need to train(recruit) Crusaders. Remember that you still need some defense. Focus on upgrading your Town Wall to level 10 as well.

B. Peaceful Player: pretty much the same but the unit that you train (recruit) is different. For defense, Templars and squires are the units to train. Remember that the only way to get new villages is to conquer other people so this isnt a viable strategy in the long run.

Well it may need more then 6 days to build your military but I will allow you to have at least 100 soldiers or higher in your town by the time noob protect run out and your points will be at least 1800 to 2000 depend on how you set up and get well with this guide.

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