Autobot, a faction of sentient robots from the planet Cybertron, are usually the main protagonists in the fictional universe of the Transformers. The “Heroic Autobots” are opposed by the “Evil Decepticons”—the main antagonists in Transformers. Both Autobots and Decepticons are humanoid robots that can transform into machines, vehicles and other familiar mechanical objects. Autobots often turn into civilian vehicles but some are aircraft and military vehicles. While the Autobots have always found themselves outnumbered by the Decepticons, the Autobots have always had home-field advantage, having not only the human’s military support, but also having more places on Earth to fall back on, while the Decepticons are entirely unwelcome on Earth.

Create Alliance
he player can create an alliance with reputation of 1,000.
The initial ceiling of alliance member is 10.

Join Alliance
You can join an alliance with reputation of 200.

There is management of member, status, application, depot, technology and bulletin.

Joint Attack
The troops of the alliance members can assemble in one base to launch joint attack or joint defense.
The stationed troops in the base will consume the oil of that base and the consumption become twice. The stationed troops are in control of the base owner while the owner of the stationed troops still can call back their troops.

The players can sell metal, crystal and oil for energon in trade center and vice verse.  The resources are trade by the ton and 1 ton = 1,000 resource. The order can not be cancelled, while you can change the price of your orders. There’s sales tax for the trade, the higher level trade center is, the lower sales tax becomes. From 0800 to 2400, the limited price for the order is from -40% to +40% of the average price of yesterday. From 0000 to 0800, the limited price for the order is from -20% to +20% of the average price of yesterday.


Types of units: small, medium, large and defense facility
Types of attack: ammunition, armor-piercing, energy, scatter and suicide
Ammunition damage to large and defense facility: 80%   others: 100%
Armor-piercing damage to small and defense facility: 80%   others: 125%
Energy damage to all: 100%
Scatter damage to small and defense facility: 125%   others: 100%
Suicide damage to all: 100% (Both to enemy and self)
The unit with longest range attacks first, and the longest range is 3. The long-range unit is abated with rounds going on.

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