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Samurai of Legend is a browser-based samurai theme RPG. You explore, do crimes, attack others and so on, with a set of Feudal Japan. Below is a walkthrough originally on CHEATS GURU, , which tells something that a newbie may have to know.

1: Ok so you are a new player. The first thing you should do is go to “Explore” which is to the left of the samurai of legend screen then go to “Wheel of Destiny”. While you are doing the Wheel of Destiny (WOD) you may get put into the jail but don’t worry as other players will break you out (they get exp for breaking people out). You may also get put in hospital. If this happens go to “Inventory” and use a “Newbie Med Kit”. You start off with 50 so that should be enough to get you going. You can also buy them from the shop.

2: After you have earned a little money you should open an account in the bank which will cost you 5000 yen and you should buy yourself an estate. Buy the best one you can as the better your house is the more stats you will get when training.


Once you have a bank, you should sell all your gold coins for the same or a little lower than the cheapest on the current gold coin market (which can be found in explore).

Ask clan mates if they are interested in buying from you first so all of us can benefit from each others

ALWAYS bank your money and NEVER leave things on the market for sale when you log out or other players will mug and rob it all away from you.

Leveling Up 1-4

1: Ok this should be a fast process go to “Crime” to the left of your screen and do “Grave Robbing” you will get 29exp every time you do that crime and you can NOT fail at it.

At level 2 you get 8Exp at level 3 you get 3Exp and at level 4 you only get 1Exp.

It costs brave to do crimes and you can get more braves by going to “Explore” then going to “Rice Patties” from their you can get “Sake” which will refill your brave a little.  

Money Making

Now that you should have your bank set up an estate and could even be in a clan. You should start thinking about money making.

In SOL you need to save money. That’s the key - no other way about it.  

New players (especially under level 10) should sell their rice and gold they obtain from the Wheel. Sell them at market price don’t allow yourself to get ripped off.

The first 30 million you get should be thrown into a long-term investment (Note: 30 million is the maximum you can invest). Invest that for 20 days and on average you’ll get a return rate of somewhere between 200-250%. Also when you do this make sure you do it on a day when you have a donator day. Otherwise you’ll get much less interest. You can sometimes get a donator day from the Wheel of Destiny.

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