The MMORPG Project


The MMORPG Project is a text-based multiplayer leveling game written in PHP/MySQL. Players receive one (1) character per account and the object of this browser-based game is to build up your character’s skills by gaining experience points and leveling in order to adequately prepare for battle against other players and their characters.


* Chat interface (written in AJAX)

* Private messaging

* In-game events and storyline shifts

* Periodic health/credit awards

* Character base skills/abilities (strength, stamina, agility, intelligence, sens)

* Character battle skills/abilities (based on character base skills/abilities)

* Recruiting system (players receive bonuses for recruiting other players and become organization leader of all their recruits)

* Extensive FAQ for common concerns and responses to suggestions

* Battle reporting system (attacked players notified via private messaging)

* Multiplayer interaction (chat, messaging, battle system)

* Open sessions for all players to send in their comments/suggestions and see them come to life in-game!

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