Street Racers



Street Racers is browser-based multiplayer online role.You will be racing against other racers, participate in tournaments, buy and sell cars and their parts.

All the cars and car parts in this game are modelled in 3D and nicely rendered. There’s no upper limit on what level you can be, you grow as much as you want and there’s nobody there to stop you from doing that.

New cars and car parts are constantly being added to the game.




After sun goes down, street racers come to streets of the city. They are racing each other, taking part in illegal tournaments.

There are racer gangs, so called Clubs. To join a club, you must first win some tournaments. Clubs have members-only racing zones. Every club sends their best racers to the club zone to take part in tournaments and win prizes, money and glory.

Just register, login, choose your in-game name and you’re all set to start racing others!

Of course you can do just that, but you should first go to your garage and check what’s under the hood of your main car. Oh what a surprise! There’s only an engine and brakes, but how about some tyres and stuff? Well, lucky you have those euros right on start. Go ahead and spend them on the right things!

You can buy parts for your car on the market or you can go to the car dealer. The latter will usually be more expensive, but you don’t need to worry about wear-out factor here as the parts are all brand new. On the other hand, if you’re prepared to spend some time and effort, you can get things cheaper and probably even as good as new.


You should know couple of things before going out shopping for parts.

First - always check for the levels of your cars and parts. That’s because a specific part only fits to some range of cars by the level. So if you buy a part that says “Level: 2-4″ make sure you have a car which is of the level 2, 3 or 4, otherwise you won’t be able to use your purchase.
Second - car dealers and markets are separate by location, so if there’s nothing in Snoozville, that doesn’t say anything about the other cities, go travel to them and check their markets and car dealers.
Third - car dealers don’t always have all the parts that would be available to you, the new shipments come in time to time sou you should check later if there’s nothing for you now.
Fourth - the parts affect performance of your car in ways, that are specified in part’s parameters. Choose the ones, that improve your car’s parameters in the best ways possible, don’t just get the highest by the level.

As soon as you have a decent car, you should start participating in tournaments to gain some silver cups. You will need those later, when you want to join a club or make a trade.

Don’t worry about the stronger players too much, in tournaments you participate together with those of similar experience to you. Players with higher levels and better cars can only participate in more expensive tournaments, so the cheapest one is always a safe bet, but you never know if you win when the stakes are higher until you try.
In each city you can see some people you can challenge to see who is a better driver or has a better car. That also gives you experience so feel free.

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