Piracy Age



Piracy Age is a Massive Multiplayer Online Game based on the real Pirates’ Life. Pirate’s final objective is to reach absolute notoriety and fear on the seas, and use the means of terror and force to achieve it.

You want to be a daring swashbuckler, bloodthirsty scoundrel or wicked rogue of the sea like Blackbeard and having the seas shaking at the sight of your Jolly Roger; then you are at the right place!


Rounds will last approximately 10 days. After the round has ended, the game starts over. This means that you start from scratch. In other words, whatever you gained at the end of the round, will not be there for the new.

Piracy Age is a simulation of the Pirate’s Life. You can join crews - a group of people who believe in the same thing, have the same ideas or just trust each other. A Crew brings protection from other members and it gives you trust in other members. Trust and protection can save your life, but it can also get you killed. Crews have a size limit of 20 pirates / Crew.
In order to keep your Island under control, you’ll need different types of crew members to perform all the different tasks and duties. To recruit crew members, just use your credits and make sure you have enough buildings to hold them.

There are 5 different types of attack. To attack a player, go on the pirate profile you want to attack and click the attack button. You can only attack players with 1/2 or up to 4 times your networth. We will automatically arm your pirates with the best weapons you got in order to have the most efficient attacks ever. There is a limit to the amount of times you can be hit. You can be hit 10 times every hour but the damage of each attack must equal at least 1% of your networth. If you win or tie the attacks, they do not count against you and the revenge hits do not count either.


The revenge gives you the chance to hit back when somebody attacks you. Whenever somebody attacks you, you will have a revenge (unlimited attacks) on him for 24hrs even if he is out of range. If somebody attacks you, you’ve got a revenge on him but he will get a revenge on you if you attack back.


Having your crew happy is one of the most important things that you need to look after. If your pirates, priests, slaves or hookers are not happy, they start leaving you as soon as you ask them to operate. Your slaves, hookers and priests need some rum and tobacco to be happy. They would also need to have pirates to protect them on the Island which would make them happy as well. Your Pirates need rum and tobacco to be happy. They insist to have from 1 weapon per pirate to be happy.
Productions are part of your daily activities for your mens’ consumption or for retail on the Black market. So you could use credits to produce rum or tobacco. Your slaves are the only units used for the production.
Gold and the Treasure Cave
Just like the real world, you have a bank account and a pocket. The gold you use anywhere is the gold you’ve got on you. However, keeping gold with you is risky. Another pirate can attack you and take whatever you have there. So, depositing a part of it in your treasure cave is a good idea. You are able to put 15% of your gold which will cost you 25 credits each time. You can withdraw it when you need it at anytime for free. You can also transfer gold to another pirate.


Traveling is used for different purposes: rubing in your own sea has pros and Cons. A pro is that your Crew offers you more protection in your home sea, a con is that its more likely for your enemies to find you!

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