The Pimps



The game world of  The Pimps is scattered over 200 cities across the USA. Each city has more than 300 districts. At the beginning, each player controls one district. A district is a possibility for a player to earn virtual money. More on this topic can be found under the heading “Business”. Prestige is the main goal of the game - all your efforts should serve this goal. The number of clubs and other establishments you run, the number of people working for you, the number of districts under your control - all these increase your prestige, which in this game is measured by virtual “Pimp Points”.



The Original Gangster (OG)

Your OG, that’s you in the game. You can arm yourself with weapons and buy duds and jewelry. In addition, you can fight against other OGs in “Fight of Honor”. More on this topic can be found under the headings “Action” and “Pimp Myself”.

My ride

A cool pimp needs a good set of wheels — your ride. At the marketplace and the auction house you can buy a ride and the appropriate rims for it, and then under “Pimp My Ride” add your own personal touches.


A lot of different people can work for you, including:
Hookers - They walk the streets to earn money for you, the more expensive the purchase price, the higher the income. But be careful, the ladies can’t keep it up for very long. In a brothel they earn more than on the streets; more on this topic can be found under the heading “Brothels”.


Pushers - A pusher sells drugs for you, one type per pusher. A pusher demands regular wages based on how much he could sell. If you don’t have enough drugs in your warehouse, the pusher still wants his wages.

Homies - Your power on the street comes from the homies, they attack for you and defend you against attacks. Homies already have weapons so that you don’t need to arm them. More on this topic can be found under “Homies”.

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