War of legends: browser-based MMORTS by Jagex

War of legends Online Now! Jagex, UK Developer of the Year 2009, or one of the browser game vanguards that is well known for the browser-based MMO Runescape have announced a free online multiplayer strategy game (MMORTS or MMO SLG) said in its official website.

The new strategy mmo game titiled War of Legends, is a massively multiplayer Raeal time Strategy war and city-building game based on a Chinese mythology. Basically, the game release in question is a breaking news today, and even the developer did not disclose more infomation about the game’s exact release date.

With reference to the Chinese game success, like Evony, Heroes of Gaia, Heroes of Kung Fu, Jagex’ War of Legends has utilized the  micro-transactions ingame exactly leaned from the Chinese business model to allow players  to buy virtual items, and boost their development and grownup.

War of legends is the first MMORTS that adopts Chinese culture and myth by European game company, which is a blod step forward a big success  coupled with their super technology.

From its official website, War of legends has a logo embedded with a dragon’s totem, which I am guessing the game will introduce Chinese Dragon’s culture and myth.

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