At XBlaster, the online game, the world as we know it fell into obscurity a long, long time ago. As a mech pilot you fight against violent war robots to amuse the crowds in the arena. Your mech is your weapon, your protection, it is everything. Your mech is a sophisticated and high-tech war robot. Equip it even further with lasers, flamethrowers, impulse weapons and protective shields and make it indestructible.

In order to ensure your survival in this online game, you have to fight for your prestige, because only the most powerful mech pilots will be able to come out on top in XBlaster.

This online game will cast a spell over you with its elaborate 3D graphics and cool flash animation. You play against thousands of real XBlaster gladiators in real time directly in your browser.



Action-packed fights with many different sci-fi weapons
Free use voluntary payment
Thousands of real opponents from all over the world
Control the game from the keyboard without download or installation
A pure browser-based real-time game
Numerous individual weapons and systems
Three different mech robots for individual configuration

You can put your talents and abilities as a mech pilot to the test in different worlds (planets). The different worlds run independently from one another.
In this way you can attain different war robot (mech) strengths and high score positions on the individual worlds. One exception is the big monthly tournament everybody fights for his own jackpot and all the worlds fight against each other! Every player has the freedom to take part in the tournament from multiple worlds. There are no limitations.

You should always come back to the Hangar when you’re not in the arena. There’s lots to do here: You can improve your weapons and other systems, buy other mechs, stock up on ammunition, and load your weapons. From here you can connect to other mech pilots contact them, write messages and take a peek in your inbox.



In XBlaster, you have access to three different battle machines, also known as Mechs, which you can take control of. First you need to choose a mech. All three types have a distinct mode of operation and are differently equipped.
- Ranger: The main goal while constructing the Ranger was to enhance speed and mobility. The Ranger cannot carry heavy weapons, but it easily compensates this disadvantage by using special nitro packs which significantly boosts its speed for a short time.
- Defender: The Defender is equipped with the newest technological marvel. Its complete design and equipment needed to be adapted for this purpose. Through the use of a unique, new shield generator, the Defender can generate an impenetrable shield for a few seconds.

Hunter:The Hunter was designed to carry heavy weapons and can optimally deploy them. The Hunter’s special weapon is a guided missile which tracks the closest enemy for a few seconds after it has been fired. Nobody can stop it unless it hits a wall.

Every mech can be equipped with up to seven standard weapons. In addition, the mech can be outfitted with two individual weapons and one special weapon. The individual weapons and the special weapon are different for each of the three mech types (Ranger, Defender, Hunter). This makes the fighting capabilities of the individual mechs very unique; therefore, you should keep the upcoming battle in mind when you choose the weaponry. The weapons vary in firepower, firing frequency, penetration, firing range and ammunition capacity. Every weapon can also be upgraded which makes your mech unique. Give your mech your own personal touch and fight with it!

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