Conquer Club



Conquer Club is an online multiplayer variation of a popular world domination board game. Designed for the casual gamer, playing Conquer Club is not a time consuming process. You can take your turn in 5 minutes with your morning cup of coffee or in between classes. A game typically lasts several days, but hardcore risk takers can play multiple games at once and stay up all night strategizing their next move.

The game is played on a map (there is a wide variety of maps to choose from), divided into regions, which are grouped into zones. To start, three troops are placed on each region and they are randomly divided amongst the players. Any of the remaining regions that do not divide equally are made neutral. Players then take turns deploying troops, assaulting opponents and reinforcing their regions.

Risk all your troops on a daring land grab. Use diplomacy to coordinate a group assault on the game leader. Feel the thrill of victory as you crush your last opponent.




Deploying Your Troops
At the beginning of every turn you will collect a certain amount of troops. You will place your troops on any regions that you occupy. The game will ask you for the name of a region, and how many troops to place there, and will continue doing this until all of your troops are deployed. Once you deploy troops, there’s no changing your mind, so give this some thought first!

Assaulting Your Enemies
You may now assault any opponent’s region from one of yours, as long as both regions are adjacent and your assaulting region has a minimum of two troops. This part is optional in that you may choose not to assault anyone.

Each time combat is initiated, the game engine will generate a random intensity level for each troop involved. The outcome is determined by the intensity of the assaulting troops versus the intensity of the repelling troops. There are 6 possible intensity levels that may be assigned, listed here from weakest to strongest: 1. Pathetic 2. Sad 3. Decent 4. Strong 5. Awesome 6. Heroic.


The more troops involved on either side, the better the chances that side has of winning. But not all troops in the regions are necessarily involved. To be more specific, the game engine will assigned a random intensity level for each assaulting troop, less 1 troop that stays behind, up to a maximum of 3 troops. Likewise, the game engine will assign a random intensity level for each repelling troop, up to a maximum of 2 troops.

The outcome of combat is determined by comparing the strongest intensity levels of either side. If the assault was stronger, then the repelling region loses a troop. If the repel was stronger or equal, than the assaulting region loses a troop. This process is repeated once more if other troops remain involved on both sides.

With chained reinforcements, you can reinforce once and from a region connected by regions you own. With adjacent reinforcements, you can reinforce once and only from a direct neighbour. This requires you to plan your deployment and advances more carefully. With unlimited reinforcements, you can reinforce as many times as you like from regions connected by regions you own. This makes the game easier and more flexible.
Fog of War

The fog of war masks enemy positions that are not adjacent to your forces (or your team’s forces). It also masks territory and continent names in the log.

Private Games
To play with a select group of people, the game creator may specify a private password and pass it out as desired. Such a game is listed under the “Private Games” section of “Join A Game” until either it fills up or 15 days have passed, at which point it will be deleted automatically.

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