Dolumar is a fantasy strategy game. Like all games in it’s genre, you will take control over a small village and build it to epic sizes. So, what’s new on this one? The user interface. Dolumar provides a rich WEB2.0-ish interface that offers great gameplay options and gives the users the ability to customize their village.

Create your own powerful kingdom in this vast, colorful, and fully explorable virtual World!
You will be entrusted with a small village, albeit with huge potential. From the moment you are given this tiny piece of land, you are on your own! It will be tough from the get-go. The resources will be scarce, your enemies will be ruthless as they try to take you down, but never fear!


With every friend who chooses to stand beside you, the enemy will think twice before engaging you into battle. With every farm, gold mine, lumber yard, or anything else you construct, your kingdom will get stronger, richer, and more formidable than ever before.

You will expand your tiny village over massive territories. You will develop new technologies, learn new crafts, build strong economy, train powerful army to protect you, and to conquer the alien lands, in the quest for the World domination!
The Grandiose Aim
The developer wants to create a strategic game that comes as close to the traditional PC games as possible. We have addapted our web technology so that it feels like you are playing a traditional strategy game like Age of Empires, Warcraft and many others.


For Unexperienced People

Dolumar is also available on Facebook and OpenSocial platforms. A tight integration in both platforms will allow even unexperienced people to start playing browser games, resulting in a bigger interest from the casual players. Spending time on facebook quickly results in spending time on Dolumar.

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