3G Studios Integrates Brave Arms For Facebook


RENO, NV. – Feb. 4, 2010 – 3G Studios, Inc., an independent video game studio based in Reno, NV, announces the pending launch of the first “social shooter” game. The game will initially be available exclusively on Facebook. 3G has developed several top-selling titles and will be taking the world of social games to a whole new level by launching a new video game franchise worldwide on the largest social networking websites.

3G Studios brings to the Facebook Platform production processes that are used in retail video games for high end PC’s, Microsoft Xbox 360®, Playstation® 3, iPhone®, and other mobile and handheld gaming devices. 3G Studios is utilizing its own proprietary cross-platform technology and tools as well as its proven design practices.

“Our new title, Brave Arms, will bring First-Person Shooter games to the masses,” said James Kosta, 3G Studios’ Chief Executive Officer, “It’s about fast-paced action and either competing against or forming teams with your friends. We want people to feel empowered and to share in a real video game experience.” The public is being invited to reserve their chosen name for the upcoming Public Beta of the game at http://www.bravearms.com.

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