Virtonomics online game started to give out real money to users


Virtonomics online economic game had a new fundamentally opportunity a month ago: now you can earn real money in Virtonomics.

During the game, users earn VIRTs - easily convertible playing currency, which you can spend in the game, to sell to other players, to buy services of partners of Virtonomics or to exchange for real money. For example, if player has 50 VIRTs, he has an opportunity to open a 100-dollar trading account in Forex Club Company. There are enough opportunities to earn VIRTs: various competitions and tenders, a developed referral system and much more.

During the first month players have earned about 30 000 VIRTs (or, if assume in real money – about USD 30 000).

According to the publishers, the possibility of earning real money was introduced for popularization of the game. “We believe that the best advertisement for the project - is an advertisement from mouth to mouth, so we want to spend the most part of our budget for advertising on our active players, who promote the development and popularization of the game, rather than on advertising agents”,- representatives of Virtonomics administration say.

Judging by the number of participants of the new gaming competitions and tenders, players gladly apprehended the innovation. In their view, the possibility of earning real money added excitement, the gameplay became more dynamic and interesting.

In their view, the possibility of earning real money added excitement, the gameplay has become more dynamic and interesting.

Sergey Menshikov, CEO of the developer company, said: “This is a unique and very interesting case when a developer of a game allows players to play the game for free, but also to convert results of their game in real value - goods and services of the game partners. It is only the one occurrence on the browser games market. We believe this innovation is very useful for the game in terms of its promotion, is very interesting for the players, and is very perspective for advertisers and partners of the game. This feature is particularly interesting for businessmen with high costs of customers attracting - such as financial companies, banks, automobile companies”.

About Virtonomics project:

Virtonomics is a browser-based online economic strategy, combining elements of browser massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) and business simulator. Simulation of big business, where the player will have competition, power and money. Here you can build your financial empires, compete with other players, and even earn real money.

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