Blood Wars



Blood Wars is a free Browser-based MMORPG(massive multiplayer online role-playing games).
Impersonate a vampire in post nuclear world and fight for dominance in the only city that survived the apocalypse. You begin the game as a newly-changed vampire, without support, having only what you managed to find in surrounding ruins.
During the course of the game you’ll do many quests penetrating the ruined world, seeking every patch of the past that will help you defeat your enemies. You will fight against other vampires dwelling in the city to gain resources, experience and respect. You will battle to protect every yard of those few alleys called the square. You will also lay sieges trying to get through to wealthier districts called the zones. However, you won’t be alone during these heroic battles. Your clanmates will support you on the way to power.  


Game features

  • 4 unique races with various vampiric powers called Arcana
  • each race possesses 10 unique paths of progress in the form of tattoos
  • dynamic character development system
  • system of tasks adapting to character level
  • unique option to do quests and discover surrounding world
  • integrated messagebox
  • possibility to create and develop a clan
  • clan armoury available for the best clans
  • 5 various city districts called the zones
  • possibility to build up your territory (square) with buildings available in each zone
  • possibility to besiege other players in order to take over their squares
  • clan sieges with more than 60 fighters at the same time!!
  • 77 basic items
  • 143 prefixes of items
  • 149 suffixes of items
  • about 22918 various items to find
  • each has 18! levels
  • so all in all 412524 unique items!!!
  • unique sets of jewellery and armour to collect
  • 30 various disposable items
  • trade through auctions
  • clan events allowing to challenge mythical monsters of vampiric world

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