The battle Good against Evil dominates the millennia in all its varieties. He who believes being good turns evil, he who does evil suddenly finds his good heart. Explore who you are!

Your are a knave in the dark middle ages, determined to learn the martial art to become a knight. It is up to you whether you walk on the dark side and become a dreaded and merciless knight or on the light side, becoming a honorable and respected knight. Every decision you make determines the path you are taking, so chose wisely and walk on the path that has been foreseen to you.

The Game

All you need to play is an internet connection and a browser. Click sign up and follow the instructions. Playing BattleKnight is entirely free of charge.

After logging in you are on the character page. You can navigate through the menus on top left and top right of the page. Here you can move through the entire game. The left red circle shows your health points, the less points are left the less the circle is filled. The same circle you find on the right side, the blue color shows your experience points. Once you the circle is filled, you will reach a new level and it will become empty again.
The higher your level, the better weapons you can buy and the more skills you will have.

You start a a knave. A knave is an apprentice of an experienced knight. Once you reached level 15 you will be knighted yourself and you can train a knave or be part of glorious tournaments. It will take a while until you get knighted, but be of good heart, it will be faster than assumed!

Here you can see your skills and features. Skills can be enhanced using silver coins. Your features are determined by your weapons, equipment, drunk potions and your skills.



Equipment and Inventory

Equipment overview shows you the names and attack/defense values of your equipment. Items and equipment can be dragged from your inventory to your equipment or can be sold if stored at your inventory. Items in the inventory can be bought. Click onto the item in the inventory in order to put it down. In order to see which capabilities the item posesses, move your cursor over the item.


A knight doesn’t go to work as any other people. He has to earn his income honestly or by robbing people or gurding job influencing your karma corresponding to which type of work you choose.
Your hourly income is increased by each level your knight has gained.
The maximum working time is 8 hours a day.
Hint: Premium players may work 12 hours.


There are 4 types of merchants: Weapon Merchant: He offers you weapons you can buy if you meet the needed requirements.
Armor Merchant:: Any equipment you will need can be bought from him if you meet the needed requirements.
Artifact Merchant:: Magic weapons which improve your skills and attributes.

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