Civilization Online



Civilization Online is a medieval browser based strategy game in which you choose among 4 different races, the Saxons, the Vikings, the Normans or the Britons. Each race has a certain advantage over the other, so choose wisely! Civilization online is a unique game compared to other strategy browser based game in terms of its research system and battle system, in Civ Online you are allowed to run multiple technology researches at the same time. In Civilization online you start off by running the basic technology researches that allows you to start building your town and gathering resources, after finishing the basic researches you can start building your barracks and producing squads of troops, don?t forget to equip your squads with weapons though!



Basic concepts

Grow your town by constructing and upgrading buildings and by conducting research. Higher levels of building allow you to research new technologies, which in turn unlock new building levels. If you cannot build or upgrade a particular building, upgrade others and conduct research and eventually the new level will be unlocked. Your citizens produce gold through tax and resources by working in your buildings. Train and equip military, caravans and other units to defend your town, attack others or trade with friendly towns. Interact with other kingdoms through diplomacy to build relationships, which will enable you to grow even more.




  • Saxons – The Saxons have a long history of being besieged by various barbarians and enemies. To protect their lands in Germania, they built strings of walls and defensive fortifications. All Saxons begin with level 1 Wood Gathering technology, and a level 1 Lumber Mill. All Saxons start in Germania.
  • Vikings – These Scandinavians are fearsome warriors. Known for their bloodlust and their military might, they begin with level 1 Training Grounds technology and level 1 Barracks. All Vikings start in Scandinavia.
  • Normans – Many master architects and builders call France home. This allows all Normans to start with level 1 Fortification technology and a level 1 Wall protecting their kingdom. All Normans start in France.
  • Britons – Throughout the ages, Britain has been a multi-cultural nation. The British have taken advantage of this cultural and traditional knowledge and as a result start with level 1 Town Ordinance technology and level 1 Town Hall. All Britons start in Britain.


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