Challenge Games is releasing its newest massively-multiplayer, collectable card game Planetstorm. The world had been a lush utopia, but after having been ravaged by a generation of warfare of Man versus Machine, the world is now in ruins. It is now up to every player to build a team to crush the Machines and determine the fate of humanity.


The two superpowers of the new reform deal with each other. Antarean one of the Empire, the expansion of power is still a thousand years ago of heart failure. By the young emperor fourteen Maruis Lucan Andromedeus their determination to resist the unified leadership of the ULP, and to recover the lost territory. Antareans are the nation’s oldest and proudest colony, is the single largest political entity in the galaxy. In the league of planets in the United States, including the five founding members and a variety of fringe protected. ULP at Taurean by the legendary diplomat Edrasil Yvette at the end of the war the old empire Antarean before shredding the core of the political relations between countries.


Their goal is reunification of the entire galaxy, but like any great bureaucracy, they are seen as a bit of indifference and self-willed in many countries, they will be. Aware of this tension, Antarean Empire Leaders call for arms against the ULP, and the conduct of hostilities unknown galaxy

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