BeBees is a Bee Browsergame for roll and strategy game players. BeBees is an Online Game can be played straight in your browser and is the best place to play for free with thousends of other gamers. Build up and extend your own hive and bee colony. Depend on your strategy interact with other players or aim at your opponent’s hive, strengthen your weakest bees and then start a battle!

Attackers’ Chamber
From the 5th level of your “Chamber of the Queen” building upwards you can build your attackers’ chamber. In the attackers’ chamber you can train your free staff to become warriors which render uncertain and destabilize the meadows and other beehives. You can capture and steal honey by leading attacks on other beehives. A single attacker can capture and carry as much as 15 honey.


Your beehive serves you for the expansion of your chambers. Overall, you can choose between 22 free honeycombs, plus the Chamber of the Queen and the four meadows made available to each player from the beginning for expansion.

Building Loop
The building loop shows you how many of your buildings are currently under construction. The time tells you when a honeycomb will be finished getting built or being developed. With the abort button you can cancel building assignments and get refunded 25% of the cost. You can have a maximum of 3 building assingments running simultaneously. It is important to note that those assignments are executed not simultaneously but sequentially. This means that the first order is executed first and the second can start only when the first assignment is finished.

Chamber of the Queen
In the Chamber of the Queen all new bees are born. The higher your Chamber of the Queen is, the more bees are born. In addition, you must remember that none of your chambers can be higher than that of your queen bee. That means for you that if you want to expand a chamber you first have to expand that of your queen. Therefore you must also make sure that your larders always hold enough honey.


Furthermore, the rank of the expansion of your Chamber of the Queen has influence on the beginner’s protection, because until the 5th level noone can attack you and you can not attack others.
To join a people your Chamber of the Queen must at least be expanded to level 5. From level 5 upwards you can apply for other nations or accept an invitation to join a people. A nation offers you several advantages. You can plan and exercise attacks together. Furthermore, members of your people can support you with their defender bees if you should be attacked. Likewise, you can support other members of your people with your defender bees.

Defenders’ Chamber
Like the attackers’ chamber you can expand your defenders’ chamber only from level 5 of your “Chamber of the Queen“. In the defenders’ chamber you can train your free worker bees to become defenders which will protect your beehive from enemy attacks.

Destroyers’ Chamber
In the destroyers’ chamber you can train your free worker bees to become destroyers. These offer you the opportunity to dismantle stages of chambers already built. Per stage you want to dismantle one destroyer bee is needed.

Flower Symbol
If you have no attackers in your hive and also none of them flying over the meadows for attacking someone or returning, you get the so-called “little flower symbol” in the statistics which earns you 15% more honey on your gatherer honey and meadow production in your hive. So you get a compensation as a defensive player to offensive players who can get honey by attacks.
Gatherers’ Chamber
In the gatherers’ chamber you can train your free worker bees to become gatherers. These you can send to the meadows to collect honey for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 8 hours. Premium members may even send out their gatherer bees to the meadows for 12 hours. Please remember that you can always send out your gatherer bees for full hours only.

Gelee Royal
Gelee Royal belongs to the rarest forms of the so popular sweetener at Bebee. This extremely rare nectar can only be produced by the queen of a beehive and can only be found accidentally by your collectors on the vast meadows. It is also worth noting that the Gelee Royal of your own queen can not be used – because she gobbles it all up herself immediately.

Guards’ Chamber
From the 5th level of your “Chamber of the Queen” you can train your free worker bees to become guard bees. A guard bee will cost you 1,000 honey and must be trained in your guards’ chamber. Even if you have many guard bees there will always be only one guard bee on patrol. The duration of the training is 20 minutes.

Living Chamber
The Residential Chamber (Living Chamber / Habbitat Cell) are important for your hive because they provide space for your free worker bees. The free worker bees will be born depending on the expansion stage of your royal chamber and they will need space. If the full number of your bee population is reached there won’t be any more offspring.

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