Battle Edge II



Battle Edge II is a Multiplayer Online RPG with real time turn based battles where you actually control your actions. Grow in levels, buy or find items, kill creatures and thieves or your friends to steal their loot. Learn magic or combat masteries to improve your skill. It is fast and simple to use but difficult to master. Simplicity in it’s battle structure is what gets and keeps players hooked for hours on end.


Depending on the battle outcome you can gain gold to buy items, gain experience to make your character grow and become stronger or you can lose and leave with nothing. In a rare chance there can be a tie where both teams/fighters kill each other at the same time where both players will receive just a little gold after the battle.

In battle it is a race to reduce your enemy’s Health Points (HP) down to 0. The 1st who gets this task done wins the battle. Sometimes there are ties where both sides lose all of their health at the same time.



To get your character to get stronger you will need to level up. This is done by battling other characters in the game. After a win or draw you will be given cash and experience to enhance your stats. After attaining a set amount of experience you will hit a point called a statup. A statup is a point in the game where you are able to increase points in areas of your character:

HP / Health Points - this is your life force. As soon as it hits 0 you are dead and removed from battle

Mana - this is like HP for magic. You can only cast magic as long as you have the correct amount of mana left to cast. So if your spell costs 20 but you only have 4 then you are out of mana to use that spell

Strength - this is your power. The more strength you have the more damage you deal out

Precision - this is your accuracy. The correct proportion of this stat and you will have greater chances of hitting opponants especially if they have lots of points in the agility stat

Agility - this is for dodging attacks from your enemies. The more agility that you have then the better your chances are of avoiding any damage done to you that round by your enemy

After a set amount of these statups that you achieve you finally get to level up. This is where the number next to your name increases by 1 and you have a chance to increase something known as a mastery.

Masteries are skills in the game that you can learn to improve your fighting. To gain a mastery you must first gain a level in the game and then go to visit the mastery area on the map. From there you are faced with several abilities to choose from.


You have a 5% chance for every point in this mastery to bash an opponents block making them feel pain through their block. Bashing can only be done with a crushing weapon, and only affects blocked hits.

Critical Strike
You have a 5% chance for each point in this mastery to do a critical strike instead of a regular hit. Critical strikes can only be done with a precision weapon and only on an unblocked area.

Power Block
Each point in this mastery gives a 5% chance to make any successful block into a power block. Power blocks absorb all physical damage. Very userful mastery if you are using a shield in battle.

Injuring Strike
very time you hit an opponent you will injure them, decreasing the potency of their combat abilities. How much they are affected is dependant on the level of this mastery. Good for long battles.
Basics of battle - 1 weapon + 1 shield style
You may click on 3 areas of your own body to guard, then you may choose 1 area of you opponent’s body to attack. Basics of battle - duel wield (2 weapons) You may click on 2 areas of your own body to guard, then you may choose 2 areas of you opponent’s body to attack.

Basics of battle - 2 handed weapons (1 single weapon in both hands)
You may click on 2 areas of your own body to guard, then you may choose 1 area of you opponent’s body to attack.

Advanced uses of turns - Magic and items
At any time during your turn you may choose to use an item in your inventory (like a HP restore potion) or to use a magic spell that you have learned and have the correct magic mastery for (like the minor life drain which requirements are shown in the magic page). This must be completed before you click attack and before the timer elapses.

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