Winds Of Conquest



Winds Of Conquest (WOC) is a free browser ubased game. Winds Of Conquest offers an exciting experience of constructing your own company. In the game, you have to use your strategic skills in order to evolve your company and to secure it from your rivals.

As a company owner, you have to manage your business places, transportation, factories and production. You may consider protecting your company using security. In order to weaken your rivals, use different attacks, initiate or join wars against other countries and much more…



Winds Of Conquest is a round based game. Each company starts with 100 rounds. Each action in the game will reduce the rounds you have.

Company Economy
After you have established your headquarters, your next important decision is choosing a market in which to develop and start making revenues. In order to run a business for example land transportation lines (taxis, buses and trains), you will have to buy a concession from your country, which will open you the ability to build and run the relevant businesses.

Concessions allows you to operate different kinds of income resources. for exmple: Operating food businesses, Operating Taxi, Bus and Train ground lines. Once you buy the concession you will be able to build the specific concessions business places or transportation. Concessions are used to exapand your company types of investments.


Once in a while a new contest will be published. The contests prizes will include game boosts like money or goods. Each contest winner will get into the Winds Of Conquest Hall Of Fame. New contests can be found in the Economy News.

In order to become stronger and leverage your company you can perform attacks on your competitors, attacking your opponent when he is unprepared can be very rewarding. Also throughout your company life time you will have to be aware of the constant threats posed by other companies. As they will try to weaken you and perform attacks on your businesses. They might even try to steal money from your company account! In order to prevent these attacks, hire guards and install security cameras, they will protect your businesses.

Each company may be involved with their country global decisions. Company money and power can influence on country decisions and you as a company owner can take a crucial role in your country world scene. War result can influence the economy in their countries. Each company can initiate war against other country in the world. Once initiated each company in the country can join the war by donating money to the war.

Once a war is initiated it takes 24 hours until the war is committed. In this period each of the countries which take place in the war can join the war effort.

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