Disciple the Game is a browser based MMORPG. Players will be immersed into an original fantasy world called “Aphelion” and encounter other real players from around the world. Explore the world and lore of Aphelion as you fight to develop your Disciple and increase in rankings with other players.

The game will launch with 3 classes, 3 races, and 3 dieties to worship. These choices will determine the foundation and play-style of your character throughout the game. You will have the chance to complete quests assigned to you by your battle commander, and fight your friends online in a persistant world.


Warlord: The Warlord is the true soldier class in Disciple. Warlord’s rely on heavy armor, shields, and really big swords. Absorb your opponents attacks with your armor and toughness, and split skulls with your powerfuls swords and shields.

Bloodletter: Bloodletters rely on agility and precision to dismember their foes. They spend the majority of their childhood learning the human anatomy, attack balance and stealth so they can find the cleanest and most efficient way to eliminate an enemy. Bloodletters prefer light leather armors and small daggers for quick and agile combat.

Shaman: Shamans are the casting class. Through damage over time attacks and opponent debuffs, shamans leverage their unholy alliance with the earth and nature to break down their foes systematically.


There are 3 Chief Races in Aphelion.

Volkerians (of Volkerlund) The Volkerians live in the North like barbarian Savages. They are the largest of the races, and typically rely on their brute strength to overcome their enemies.

Ashasians (of Ashasia) The Ashasians are the men of the east. They are the smallest physically of any race in Aphelion, but their stout Spirits easily compensate for their smaller size. Ashasians typically use their size to their advantage and rely on speed and cunning to defeat their foes.

Haltians (of Haltia) Haltians are considered by the rest of Aphelion to be a “depraved” Race. Though physically the most beautiful of the Races, and the current ruling Race, their unholy alliance with dark powers have given them a polluted reputaion in Aphelion. Haltians rely on dark power to defeat their enemies.



Yoden is the God of the North. He provides his disciples with blessings of the Body and the Earth. Yoden is one of the original offspring of Yeiwaz, and worked with his fellows in the original battle to defeat Nyx.

Artaius is the God of the west. His disciples are typically the intellectual type, and he provides them with blessings of the Mind and Air. Artaius is one of the original offspring of Yeiwaz, and worked with his fellows in the original battle to defeat Nyx.

Ouramazd is the God of the east. They say he is lives in the center of the Sun and is made of fire. His disciples are blessed with endless fire and spirit. Ouramazd is one of the original offspring of Yeiwaz, and worked with his fellows in the original battle to defeat Nyx.


Volkerlund is the frozen north. A mountainous region of hard living and bitter cold. Those that call Volkerland home are hard people that have become immune to its harsh environment.

Ashasia is the “land of fire”. A hot desert with stories of flaming heros and giant reptiles. Water is sparse and the people have learned an eery efficieny towards the preservation of their resources and water. The inhabitants practive efficieny in all they do.

Haltia is the beautiful and lush west. The land is green and fertile and its inhabitants enjoy lush resource and easy living. They do say, however, that a dark power lives in the West.

Ally is the small province between Haltia and Ashasia that is home to the allied council. It sits in a vast forest and is host to the most prominent battles in the land. Ally is Neutral and is governed by members from all Nations.

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