Holy-War is a free and complex browser-based role playing game! Dive into the age of the Holy War! Take on the role of a Knight as a Christian, Saracen or Pagan and conquer or defend the Holy Land!

One of the best things about Holy War, is that intelligent decision making is more important than time invested. As long as you can spare twelve, one to two minute playing times each day, than you can play competitively! Unlike other browser based games, if you manage your character properly, you will not be penalized severely for leaving the game. However, to get the most out of the time you play, it is important to understand exactly how to play!


I’m going to start with a few things, that may already be obvious to most players. Than we’ll move on to a some more advanced concepts.

a note to noobs buy stats not a residence, or equipment ***

1) Always Plunder in Ten Minute Intervals

This gets you the maximum gold and expierence. It is the most important habit to get into

2) When you log on do a safety fight, keep track of time

You cannot be attacked for one hour after you have had a fight. So when you log on, fight someone you no you can beat without losing very many life points. This means you can plunder, attack, and sell things without worrying about a higher lvl attacking you. Never have more than 500 gold on you, without a safety fight. The 50 gold you lose isn’t the issue, but rather the danger of becoming a target for gold hungry players.

3) Bank gold you need to bank quickly, or my need back quickly into 90 gold Elixirs

Don’t leave money on you when you log out. You risk losing your money, and worse becoming a target. Elixirs are as good as currency. If you can try to buy them in the elixirs stall for less. Sell them for 89 gold in the stall when you need your gold back, and have had your safety fight.

4) Bank long term gold into deals you have found at the stalls

Players who are trying to upgrade there equipment before they log out will often sell things for cheap. Check for these deals when you have gold on you, this can help offset the 10% stall fee, for selling items. This is useful when you are saving up for better weapons, or a horse. The only useful armor in the first 20 lvl’s is the 250 gold shield.


5) Manage your horse carefully

You don’t get money back for your horses stats. But a horse is crucial if you want to be able to defend yourself from lower lvl players seeking experience. I recommend buying a donkey at lvl 7 and training it to 10 in all three stats. You will waste some gold, but it you will make it back through better results in your fights. Wait until at least lvl 20 to purchase your next horse. This horse costs 15,000 gold, so it will take you awhile to save up for it anyway. You will find yourself underpowered from lvl 15-20, but don’t worry once you reach lvl 20 you will have many thousands of gold in extra stats.

6) Manage your health carefully

How you manage your health depends on how much time you have to play the game. Your life points are very important in the result of your battles. So If you only have 15 minutes in a day to play you don’t have time to do a whole bunch of attacks. In this case it is best to work with near minimum health. Don’t buy a huge residence (lvl 3 is good), don’t heal yourself when you log in. When you log in, if you have only slightly higher than 25 hit points attack a higher lvl for expierence, and use a 50 gold elixir to get yourself in shape for plundering. Following this pattern, and plundering at ten minute intervals, is effective enough for you to do better than the average player, even if they are playing more than you. If you have a couple of hours to play holy war, than I recommend bring your life all the way up with elixirs, and do attacks!

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