Review of Alteil



Alteil is a story based online card battle game. If you have ever seen or played games such as Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, or one of the many others out there then you have and idea of what type of game this is. Alteil is advertised as the #1 online card game in Japan. The game was released in Japan in 2004 and the English version was released in 2008. Being a fan of the genre I had to see if the game lived up to the hype.


First let me point out that the game is totally browser based and runs on Adobe Flash. That’s right, no software to download, then install, then update. This is a big plus because your excitement about getting into a new game is not lost by having to wait through massive download times. The games tutorial was very helpful. You get just the right amount of information you need to get you through a battle. The tutorial takes you step by step and explains what is going on with each action.

Alteil has a very deep rule set which may be too much for a younger crowd, but those who love strategy then this is it. In the game there are two types of cards Unit cards and Grimoire cards. Units are cards placed on the battle field and deal damage to enemy Units and the Player. Grimoire are cards that activate a special ability or skill in the game such as direct damage to an enemy Unit. In this game strategy gets deeper than just playing the correct card there is also the battlefield to consider.


Inside the game you will find it very easy to find your way around. There was a little lag when changing screens, but that’s just a minor issue. The stars of this game , the cards, are like individual masterpieces. Each card has a beautiful Japanese Fantasy Art piece on it.

Overall this game is a winner. I definitely see how and why this is the #1 online card game in Japan. If you love those deep strategy card battle games then this is a must play. Even if you have never played a card battle game before it would still be hard not to enjoy this game.

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