Heroes Mini



The Heroes of Might and Magic official mini game, a strategy browser-based game made by ubisoft. Welcome to Heroes Mini! Your trials in battle may very well earn you spoils beyond your imagination, but only if you choose your foes wisely and employ a solid strategy!

Choose Your Faction

You need only register your willingness to do battle, and you will be asked to choose the faction with which you care to ally. Choose carefully, as the strengths and capabilities of your army will depend on it. However, should you find your armies routed and your coffers dry after a sour campaign, you reserve the option to reset your army and gain favor with another faction or the same, although at the cost of any riches you may have acquired. After choosing your faction you will be presented with the opportunity to build your first army, and offered the same starting Treaure.

Build & Edit Your Army

If this is your first time building an army, a default army will already be created for you in the Your Army section, and a total of 5000 Treasure.


Each unit type also clearly shows its offensive and defensive prowess, allowing you to weigh their capability in battle versus their cost. Once you have reviewed your options, drag the first desired unit type to Your Army, and set the quantity of this unit type in the supplied field. You can have up to 50 soldiers per unit. Continue to edit your army as you see fit, and that will fit within your starting budget. The army costs will calculate automatically, and you will be able to see both your total available treasure as well as the cost of your army directly below your units.

Issue Your Orders

Whether you are engaging an enemy yourself, or accepting a challenge, once you enter battle are will be presented with the need to issue your orders. Your men are counting on you to make informed decisions, and their lives, and your honor, are depending on them.

You are presented with a listing of both your forces and those of your opponent. You have five orders to assign, one for each round of the battle. Drag your unit representation to that of the enemy unit you will attack with it. You will see this order issued in the iconic representation now illustrated as Order #1. From here, issue the remainder of your orders in the same way. The red number indicates the current order you are assigning. Should you care to change a particular order, simply click the number of the order you want to re-issue.


Battle Spoils

Your spoils in battle, and those of your opponents, will be calculated based on the cost of opposing units destroyed, and bonuses awarded for eliminating entire units and for winning the battle. All spoils will be in the form of Treasure, allowing you to replenish and enhance your armies and fatten your coffers.


Victory in battle is based on the number of complete units destroyed. For instance, if the challenger destroys two of the defenders’ complete units without losing any complete units, he has decisively won the battle. If the same challenger destroys two complete units, but loses one complete unit, the challenger is still the winner, although he does not receive a decisive victory. If there is a tie in number of complete units lost, including no complete units lost on either side, the victor is the army who accomplishes the highest point total of damage against his opponent. If in the rare occasion there is a point total tie, the defender wins the battle.

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