Mageduel is a multiplayer rpg/fighting browser game. You take control of a group of warriors, each warrior has a limited ammount of turns (attack, movement and special turns) it can use. When you use them all you’ll have to wait for them to recharge, BUT, you can still use the turns of the other warriors. The game is about attacking other warriors, and, if possible, avoiding being attacked. The more victories you obtain, the more points, experience and gold you get. Each time a warrior’s experience level gets to 100, you can improve one of it’s skills.



You control many warriors (you can pick which one you want to control by using the top/left menu). When you click on a warrior’s name (top/left) you’ll see it’s data, along with the place where he is and the actions he can do. Each time you move you use a ‘movement turn’, each time you attack you use an ‘attack turn’, and there’s also the ’special turns’ which can be used for different things depending on where you are (getting gold from the Gods, heal, etc.)

When you use an attack turn, the system generates a list of potential victims out of the warriors that are in the same place where that warrior is. You can only attack warriors from that list, but you’re not forced to. If you feel you cant defeat any of them, then you just dont attack. By attacking you gain experience, and when the experience level reachs 100, you can increase one of your warrior’s skills.


During combat the warriors loose health, and when it reaches zero, they’re dead. But you can resurrect them by using gold coins (you earn gold on every fight) It all sounds too simple, and in fact it is, thats the beauty of the game! :). But in order to be a top player you’ll have to be very smart to decide when to attack (and who!), and when is better not to attack. When to move to another place, or to stay. When to get gold, or health. When to use gold to decrease danger or resurrect, and when is better to just stay dead for a while.

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