Globulos is a multiplayer game where you can play various games: football, darts and many more! Globulos is a simple, shuffleboard-inspired multiplayer minigame collections. Players create and customize little spherical critters that are used for all the games. The ‘one way to play’ of which the game is so proud, is: when the turn begins, you click your globs(?) and drag the arrow out to choose which direction and how far it should go in. Then, when the arrow at the top is full, your decisions will play out on the board.


The glob guys are used to play 20 different games including a battle arena, soccer, croquet, tic-tac-toe, capture the flag, and sumo wrestling. The controls for each game remain the same. Players click on a globulos and drag and arrow out to determine speed and direction. The player, and opponent, have a time limit to plan out their moves, then all the globulos move at once. They bump into each other and walls while sliding around the playing field.

There are a number of other factors, including powerups and special rules globulos, but the mechanics are all the same. It’s a really simple game to just pick up and play.
Tip: Remember to assign movement to all your globs (should you so wish) as they ones who aren’t directly affecting the action, could be in trouble.

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